November 8th & 9th, 2014

For over 20 years, the Jr./Sr. High Youth group has sponsored BOX CITY, which is an annual outreach to those who are homeless.  The youth will spend the night out in the elements in what they call “Home” – a simple cardboard box, to experience first-hand, “a taste” of what it might be like to be homeless.  Please open your hearts in prayer for this outreach and consider giving financially or materially from the following list on Sunday, Nov. 9th.

Sugar Coffee/tea Spices
Cereal Drink mixes Hand soap
Shampoo Toothbrushes Deodorant
Wash clothes Toothpaste Towels

Non-perishable food, Clothing (especially new socks & underwear)

Your donations support the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, which has been providing food, shelter, and spiritual guidance since 1964.